Facebook Instagram Downloader with Native advertisements (Complete Applications)

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Facebook Instagram Downloader App is made use of to Download Pictures and Videos from Instagram and for download Videos from Facebook. You can quickly get the Instagram Image and Video file and Facebook videos to your gallery in couple of very simple measures. also you can stream video from Instagram &#038 Facebook.

How to Use It

For Instagram :

  • Open Instagram Post which you want to download
  • Go to Selections (3 tiny dots)
  • Click On Copy Share Url
  • Open Insta Downloader App
  • Click Previous Button
  • Click On Show content material
  • Press Download Button or Stream Button

For Facebook :

  • Very first you ought to login to your account Facebook in our app
  • Then decide on any video that you want to download
  • Then you click on button play of video
  • Lastly click on stream button for stream video or click on download button for download it


  • Android Studio Assistance &#038 Quick to reskin (much less than 5min to upload ur app to retailer)
  • Download from Facebook Videos
  • We assistance Marshmallow for android six.+
  • Stream the video straight from Facebook
  • Secure &#038 speedy.
  • Quickly Download Image, GIF and Video from Instagram
  • Admob Banner/Interstitial and Native advertisements Integration
  • Settings preferences Activity
  • Makes it possible for you to quickly watch and save videos to watch and share them later.
  • Quick to Reskin