Express Cache – Speed up your Prestshop (Prestashop)

Lastly, a module is right here to raise speed of your Prestashop web page significantly. The module caches the initial request to a web page and then serves static html from there on. No processing occurs in background which increases the speed upto 5x. Set up this module for a greater consumer practical experience.


  • Capability to serve pages as if they are static HTML web page.
  • Capability to detect POST and AJAX requests and disable cache for that moment. 
  • Serves no cache in case of a user logged in to defend from invalid cache conditions
  • Cache timeout can be configured
  • Selection to clear cache.
  • Multi retailer enabled. 
  • Cache is distinctive stored primarily based on nation, language, mobile/desktop and currency.

New options in two.x

  • Dynamic Hooks &#8211 Now serve dynamic content material even in cached pages.
  • Triggers &#8211 Auto clear cache when a Item, Category, CMS or Order is updated.
  • Storage &#8211 Specify maximum limit to retailer cached files.
  • Stats &#8211 Stunning stats with much more insights (Hits, Miss, Load time, Time saved and so forth)
  • Reside Cache Editor &#8211 Far better than ever with greater management choices and profiling. 
  • Compress Cache &#8211 Now requires lesser space to retailer cache.
  • Swift Access &#8211 Clear cache more quickly than ever
  • Selective cache &#8211 Configure which sections of the shop to cache.
  • Cron &#8211 Clear cache working with cron job.

New options in three.x

  • Ignore customers&#8217 Nation although searching for a valid cache. This enables for greater speed if your shop shows very same content material planet wide.
  • Pre-cache (pre create) cache for all URLs in the shop. Normally serves cached content material to customers.