Energy CRM (Open Supply Crm) Php ERP (Project Management Tools)


Energy CRM Energy CRM application is enterprise management, It is beneficial for every single firm. Obtaining a responsive layout, graphical interfaces and so on. Straightforward to handle every single point like project,Customers,consumers,Employee,notes,to-do,files,accounts, help tickets,contracts,leads and weblog and so on
Energy CRM Characteristics


  1. -Graphical Dashboard
  2. -Part User Chart
  3. -Final Registered User Chart
  4. -Project Chart and so on.
  5. -Several Other Master Wizards
  6. -Text Editor
  7. -Stiky Notification
  8. -Responsive Layout
  9. -Export to pdf,excel and so on.
  10. -Insert Edit,delete Applying Web page Dialog Not want for refresh Web page
  11. -Jquery Information table Grid, Search,Web page Size,Paging Characteristics Incorporates.
  12. -Most Strong Characteristics is You can quick to Customize It ,Will Extendable


  • -Corporation Management
  • -Client Management
  • -Project Management
  • -Files Management
  • -Accounts Sale and Buy Management
  • -Assistance Job Management
  • -Contract Management
  • -Lead Management
  • -Corporation Weblog Management
  • -Todo and Notes
  • -User Management
  • -Part Management
  • -Part User Several roles assign to every user.
  • -Menu Dynamic Menu Navigation bar
  • -Menu Permission and privileges assigned to somebody
  • -Is Make, Is Study,Is Update or Is Delete

Master Utility

  1. Language
  2. Path
  3. Priority
  4. Status
  5. Nation
  6. Address Form
  7. Currency
  8. Quantity Unit
  9. Payment Mode

Codeigniter Framework

Version: 1. Extendable

How We can Set up

  • Unzip to downloaded file
  • See database script named as PowerCrmDatabaseScript.sql
  • Make database and Run script on My Sql database
  • Copy code directory on www root
  • Adjust database connection on applicationconfigdatabase.php
  • Adjust your base bath on applicationconfigconfig.php
  • Now Prepared to use