Elite-CM – User reminder tool (Miscellaneous)

Was developed for net-hosting businesses but can be adapted to any business.

Constructed with User-cake framework, bootstrap, font great. jquerry, table-sorter.

You can

– Generate as numerous customers as you want
– Filter for custom text, buyer name, buyer telephone, web-site, month of expiration, expiry date
– Disable user, then re-allow
– Generate as numerous custom fields you want, then use them into e mail templates as [tags]
– Generate as numerous e mail templates you want with the frequency you have to have (30 days just before expiration, 7 days just before expiration, and so on)
– Export all the customers with all the facts into excel. Edit them on your personal computer.
– Import all the customers that you edit them on your personal computer.
– Responsive layout.

Just see the demo on: http://elitecm.elite-effect.ro/
username: [email protected]
password: 123456789

If there are concerns please make contact with us ([email protected]) to reset this demo so you can totally see it in action. Often, some customers just adjust the password :)

If you have any concerns, really feel cost-free to make contact with me.
It is a great tool and most likely a special tool in the globe that do all of this factors!

Have to have:

– PHP version five.four or larger.
– MySQL server version four.1.three, with PDO database connections enabled.

How to?

1. Set up
Just after you downloaded the item, upload it to your server, then extract the zip file.

Thinking of you currently have developed a database and a user added to that database with a password you can proceed to:

* Just after the 3rd step, the set up will self delete.

two. Just after set up
Access your internet site at: http://your-site.com/
Username and passwords are the ones you inserted on installation

three. Generate your custom fields.
Properly..Click on Custom fields, and develop as numerous as you want.

four. Generate e mail templates with the preferred frequency.
Properly.. Generate e mail templates with the preferred frequency.

Instance of e mail template with [tags]:

Dear [display_name]
There is only 1 day left just before your account will be suspended.
We announce you, that on [period_expiry_date] will expire the net-hosting account for the web-site: [website]
The value is the identical as final year: [price] and it will be till [next_year_expiry_date]

Please let us know when you created the payment in our account:

Thank you

five. Export the excel.
If you developed custom fields, you have to export the excel 1st.
Then add your customers as the excel-template currently is, with 1st row as instance: ID 1.

six. Import the customers.
When you&#8217re carried out with step five, just import the customers.

7. Setting the cron-job.
Go to your cPanel at the Cron-Job and add a new cron.
Set what ever you want, but we propose the As soon as Per Day cron &#8211 that runs each and every 12 hours, at 00:00 AM.
The Command must be:
* * * wget http://your-site.com/send_cron_email.php &gt/dev/null two&gt&#0381

Just replace your-internet site.com with..your-internet site.com :)

That&#8217s it.
two minutes installation, then your customers will in no way neglect to spend you considering the fact that you send them standard reminders.