Effortless Social Stream Joomla Extension (Social Networking)

Effortless Social Stream extension is the very best selection for these who are seeking for an quick way to share their social networking updates on their Joomla prepared web site.
This extension provides you a combined social media stream for all of your social network updates, and can show them in three various layouts: Wall, Timeline, Carousel. It supports 9 and expanding social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, RSS and LinkedIn and consists of about 21 feeds possibilities.
Your guests will be in a position to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Linkedin from your web site. They will also have the alternative to reply, retweet or favored the Twitter posts on your stream. They can even filter your social stream by social network.
You can also transform the style of your stream working with the theme manager and/or custom CSS stylesheets, and make it distinctive to your web site.

Primary Usages:

  • To broadcast all your social network news, images, videos and updates from numerous social network accounts as a single stream to your guests.
  • To build a single social stream for numerous social network accounts with numerous profiles.
  • To build a multi-network photo or video gallery on your web site.
  • To build a news stream from numerous RSS feeds on your web site.
  • To broadcast all social network news connected to a distinct search term or hashtag from numerous social media channels on your web site.

Primary Functions:

three various show modes:

Wall, Timeline, Carousel Feed

Supports 9 and expanding social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, RSS, LinkedIn

three methods to add to your web site:

  1. Add Social Stream on a web page
  2. Add Social Stream as a Module

Completely Responsive:

The extension is completely responsive which enables you to be applied in mobile friendly web-sites.

Slideshow Presentation View:

Function to show social products in complete lightbox slideshow for presenting and wide screens.

A lot more than 30 feed possibilities:

  • Facebook web page/group wall public posts (Facebook private/private profiles are not accepted!).
  • Facebook album public images.
  • Facebook web page public images.
  • Facebook web page public videos.
  • Twitter user most up-to-date Tweets (Twitter account must not be set as &#8220Defend my Tweets&#8221!).
  • Twitter list Tweets.
  • Twitter search Tweets with hashtags.
  • Google+ profile most up-to-date public posts.
  • Pinterest most up-to-date user public Pins.
  • Pinterest most up-to-date public Pins from a distinct board.
  • Instagram user posts like images and videos (Instagram account must not be set as &#8220Private Account&#8221!).
  • Instagram search posts by tags.
  • Instagram most up-to-date posts by place ID.
  • Instagram search by geographical place.
  • YouTube user most up-to-date uploads.
  • YouTube public playlist uploads.
  • YouTube search by term.
  • Vimeo user public (a. videos, b. likes, c. appeared in, d. all videos, e. subscriptions, f. albums, g. channels &#038 h. groups) feeds.
  • RSS feed URL most up-to-date entries.
  • LinkedIn firm updates.

A lot more Functions:

  • Extension licensing and 1 year of automatic updates.
  • Pictures lazy load function.
  • Load additional products button for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn.
  • Selection to get distinct sets of posts for Facebook web page feed. Posts published by this web page, or by other folks, or by each on this web page.
  • Capacity to get posts in a specific datetime in Facebook.
  • Capacity to get tweets generated in a offered date in Twitter.
  • Filtering the stream products working with a search phrase.
  • Capacity to order the filter network icons.
  • Selection to order the stream outcomes by date of item or randomly.
  • Limiting the maximum quantity of outcomes to show on the stream.
  • Limiting the title, description &#038 comments&#8217 words count to show for each and every item on the stream.
  • Caching of social feeds with defining of cache time to lessen up download time.
  • Study additional hyperlink for lengthy block of texts.
  • Capacity to open hyperlinks in new window or parent window
  • Selection to transform the status of hyperlinks to comply with or nofollow.
  • Opening photos &#038 videos in lightbox window.
  • Video icon overlay on stream video products.
  • Capacity to allow/disable animation and defining the rotate delay &#038 filter path for Wall.
  • Selection to adjust the spacing in between the columns in the wall.
  • Selection that, let blocks to adjust and re-size to fill the gap in wall.
  • Selection to show timeline in 1 column or primarily based on browser screen width.
  • Share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Linkedin from your web site.
  • Completely documented + all examples.
  • Completely extension inline descriptions.
  • five constructed-in templates.
  • Theme manager.
  • Custom layout &#038 CSS stylesheets.
  • Enabling to choose from various themes.
  • Customization of stream physique background colour, border colour, border size, background image &#038 font colour for all show modes.
  • Customization of stream item background colour, border colour &#038 border size for all show modes.
  • Pick the font size for the stream.
  • Show your social stream module in various positions on your web site.
  • Like photo comments for Facebook.
  • Displaying quantity of likes &#038 comments for Instagram.
  • Displaying the post kind icons.
  • Enabling to set the feed block width/height.
  • Enabling to set the image width/height for photos &#038 thumbnails.
  • Enabling to choose the width/height for videos.
  • Selection to define the quantity of comments to show for Facebook images &#038 Instagram feed products.
  • Selection to define, how to show the image for each and every item (Boxed or Expanded).
  • Selection to let loading photos more than https.
  • Processing numerous IDs per network.
  • Processing numerous feeds per network.
  • Capacity to choose the content material blocks to be incorporated in each and every item in stream output.
  • Adding limitless social streams on your web site.
  • Capacity to add numerous social streams in a web page on your web site.
  • The potential to define the quantity of products displaying in each and every slide for various screen widths on Carousel layout.
  • Supporting for multi-byte character set languages.
  • Function to show social stream products as lightbox slideshow.
  • Auto-resize responsive lightbox window.
  • On the internet debug log.
  • Capacity to translate to any language.


  • The extension demands the PHP version five.three.25 or larger.
  • The extension demands the Joomla version two.five or larger.
  • This extension demands each PHP&#8217s multibyte string extension AND iconv extension (enabled by default on most servers).
  • PHP&#8217s XML extension is necessary (enabled by default on most servers).
  • PHP&#8217s cURL extension is advised (necessary for Facebook &#038 Twitter feeds).

Package Contains:

  • Effortless Social Stream 1.. extension package.
  • Complete documentation files in HTML format.


If you have any inquiries or ideas regarding to Effortless Social Stream extension, please make contact with us through our web site at http://axentmedia.com/support/


Version 1.. &#8211 30.07.2017

  • Initial release.