E-Mail Blacklist for Checkout (Magento Extensions)

The technique is quite basic. To make positive, that undesirable men and women are not in a position to invest in at your magento shop, this is the fantastic plugin for you.

The administrator is in a position to add / take away E-Mail Adresses from a Blacklist basic in the admin location. If a single E-Mail Address is blacklisted, there is no way to send an order once again. The Blacklist Extension hooks into the checkout method at the invoice address (consumer and guest) and disallow to go additional. The user will get an javascript alert and can&#8217t go additional. Alters can be customized in the admin location every single shop and shop view, so it&#8217s you are in a position to use it in your multi language retailers.

Supported Magento Versions
Magento 1.six.x, 1.7.x, 1.eight.x and 1.9.x

The Documentation can be identified right here: