Dux Math (Games)

Educational and Dynamic game exactly where you need to assistance the Dux Math rabbit to save his good friends from the boxes that fall from the sky, for this you need to resolve the Minus or Plus accounts displayed in the boxes.
Play by touching the numbers on the screen or the numeric keyboard. Touch the numeric show under the Dux Math rabbit and see how it saves your good friends.
Be speedy: you only have three minutes!

Straightforward to adjust the photos, just replace the image file!

• Complete Game (All graphic files and sounds)

• Basic Gameplay

• Two Levels with 95 Math Operations

• Compatible With All Browsers

• Mobile Controls and Computer Controls

• Construct two File incorporated! (.capx and .caproj all supply)

• Playable on all platforms (Computer, Mobile, and so on&#8230)

• Responsive

• Resolution 1280&#215720

• Straightforward to export to Android, Windows Telephone and IOS

• Prepared to customize

• 167 Construct two Events

• six layers in some Construct two layouts

• Documentation

NT: Does not include PSD or AI files, only EPS, SVG and PDF.

Inquiries? Don&#8217t hesitate in asking me.
[email protected]

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