Dear Net Encryptor : Defend the supply code of HTML, HTML5, BootStrap web site (Apps)

Each day, a number of web site owners turn out to be victims of persons who steal HTML, HTML5, BootStrap codes. If you do not shield your HTML, HTML5, BootStrap code, you could even enable your complete web site to be cloned by such persons, in minutes, even with no any credit or profit to you. Working with this software program is the only way to shield your HTML, HTML5, BootStrap, JavaScript, CSS Code from becoming stolen.

Verify 1st

By clicking here, download a zip file and see some reside samples of each Typical and Encrypted versions of HTML, HTML5, BootStrap web page (also JavaScript and CSS Samples). To confirm the obfuscated code, take a look at these pages, Click the Menu of your Browser and then click the &#8220View Supply Code&#8221 Solution.


  • Functions with HTML files
  • You can shield JavaScript and CSS code maintaining inside html files
  • You can convert the code of complete HTML file (or a element of it, for instance JavaScript and CSS code maintaining inside html file)
  • No portion of the encrypted HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, BootStrap code can be copied from the protected file and reused in other files
  • It is not attainable to establish which element of the protected supply corresponds to a provided element of the web page visual layout
  • Protected code can not be edited with any text or WYSIWYG editor like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage &#8211 even the smallest modify in it will outcome in a non-functioning file

Safety 1st!

There are numerous dishonest net designers that download the complete websites of their effective competitors, just modify some pictures and texts and have &#8220their&#8221 web site up and operating in significantly less than a day with no any work &#8211 when it might take weeks or even months of really hard perform to create, test and optimize the original web site. If this occurs to you, it will make you web site significantly less competitive and let other persons advantage from your perform, information and practical experience for free of charge.

Defend the supply code of your HTML, HTML5, BootStrap web site to stop other folks from stealing the supply code by means of a incredibly complicated code obfuscation. And this system supplies 99.99% assure against thieves.


  • The Application functions in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
  • It&#8217s a Closed-Supply Application