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Cyclops Ruins is a HTML5 Talent Game.
Assistance this mighty hero in his journey to beat the furious cyclops.

Move about to get bonus, coins and energy ups. Stay clear of the falling debris, or you&#8217ll drop power!

This game has been created in HTML5/js and third-celebration library CreateJs &#8211 (not Construct2 or other framework).

The ZIP package consists of the game with 768&#2151400 resolution that scales to match existing screen device.
The game is completely compatible with all most popular mobile devices.

  • Sounds are enabled for mobile but we can&#8217t grant complete audio compatibility on all mobile devices due to some effectively-know challenge involving some mobile-browser and HTML5.
    So if you want to prevent sound loading, please study the documentation
  • Sounds can&#8217t be enabled for Windows Telephone as this sort of device have unsolvable problems with &ltaudio&gt and &ltvideo&gt tag.
  • If you want to make an app out of this game, we recommend you to reskin or at least rebrand it.

Cyclops Ruins

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=== Even if we do our most effective to reduce any inconvenience, we can&#8217t make certain the complete compatibility of all our games on just about every device and just about every operating method update.
Thank you for the understanding. ===

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