CQPIM Project Management – Suppliers &amp Expenditures Add-On (Add-ons)

CQPIM Project Management &#8211 Suppliers &#038 Expenditures Add-On

This add-on for the CQPIM Core Plugin enables you to add suppliers and costs inside CQPIM.

The plugin needs CQPIM Core v3.two.1 or greater.

Obtaining Began

To set up the plugin, very first make certain you have CQPIM three.two.1 or greater. Upload the zip file via WordPress and Activate the plugin.

To configure the plugin, go into the CQPIM Settings web page and click on the Suppliers / Expenditures tab.


  • Handle your suppliers via CQPIM and track month-to-month spending with suppliers


• Track costs from group members
• Assign costs to projects to show profit immediately after fees
• Force admin authorisation of costs
• Upload receipts / invoices to costs


The plugin has a function that can be activated which needs group members to request admin authorisation on costs, or just these that are more than a particular worth. If this function is active, the use raising the expense will be prompted to request authorisation.

This will send an e-mail to any user who has permissions set to be capable to authorise costs and will give a hyperlink for them to view the expense and authorise / decline it.

How does it tie in with CQPIM Core?

The plugin impacts many components of the core plugin. On the admin dashboard, it will add a new information set to the earnings graph that also shows costs per month, so that you can see total profit per month at a glance.

It adds a metabox to the group member admin web page that shows their costs and a graph to see month-to-month spending.

Since costs can be assigned to projects, it will show new metaboxes in each and every project that show linked costs and will also add these costs to the Project Financials table to show profit immediately after expense deductions.