Category and Solution Woocommerce Tabs Pro (Interface Components)

Category and item WooCommerce tabs pro plugin utilized to make a woocommerce fashionable tabs of categories and item view with ajax pagination functionality.

This plugin supports limitless shortcodes and widget for the sidebar and pages content material. It supports totally responsive list and grid layouts with different styles.


  • View the WooCommerce categories in the tabs view and loads goods making use of ajax functionality.
  • There are 3 forms of ajax primarily based pagination accessible like load a lot more posts, subsequent preceding posts and uncomplicated numeric pagination.
  • Custom settings accessible to hide or show item title, designed date, animation more than image, item image, pagination, item quick content material and study a lot more hyperlink.
  • Custom settings to modify the width and height of the image block.
  • Offers responsive grid an list layout with template customization.
  • 15 modern day and clean templates.
  • Supports limitless shortcode and widget for sidebar and pages content material.
  • Custom settings accessible to set quantity of goods limit.
  • Makes it possible for to pick quantity of categories from admin panel to be displayed as tabs.
  • Text and background colour choice for the widget heading, item value, category tabs and item title.
  • Supports selection for &#8220All&#8221 label tab to load all the category&#8217s item.
  • Can allow/disable item count.
  • Show/Hide empty categories that has no item.
  • Quick/order category name by ascending, descending or custom IDs list.
  • Ordering/shorting goods by IDs, title, value or designed date.
  • Exclude specific categories from the tabs that you do not want to show on fronted view.
  • Settings to open a default category tabs.
  • Allow/Disable RTL Help.
  • Allow/Disable ajax add to cart button with all the goods.