Catch The Black Ball – One particular Hour Reskin – iOS 10 and Swift three prepared (Games)

If you&#8217re looking for an addicting supply code&#8230

&#8230 than you require to take a appear at this:

You are the White Ball. Make it move by tilting your iPhone in any path. Catch the Black Ball with the White Ball to make 1 Orange Ball disappear. If you hit any of the Orange Balls the game restarts.

ATS compliant (see why this is important  here )

Updated for iOS10, Swift three and Sprite Kit !!! 

Quickest RESKIN EVER: Only 13  images!

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• ATS Compliant

• Coded in Sprite Kit – THE engine for iOS games

• Written in Swift three – always up to date

• iOS10 prepared &#8211 embracing the energy of the greatest OS on mobile

• 64 bit supported &#8211 generally up to date with Apple&#8217s specifications

• iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPad Pro prepared &#8211 lovely on all devices

• AdMob Banner &#8211 prime banner all through the complete game

• AdMob Interstitials &#8211 complete screen advertisements

• No Advertisements In App Acquire &#8211 enhance your income


Addicting gameplay. Watch it right here:  




Only 13  images to reskin. Easiest reskin ever! You&#8217ll be prepared in beneath an hour.


  When adding the Level Program you will have only 13 pictures to reskin.

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• 1.. &#8211 (29.07.2017)

• Initial Release