Buzzy Bundle – Viral Media Script (Social Networking)

Admin Panel Demo

E mail: [email protected]
Password: demoadmin


Breaking News, Viral Lists, Amazing Polls and Well-liked Videos.
Buzzy brings all of these contents into a single technique.
Produce wonderful viral sites like BuzzFeed with Buzzy!
You have sophisticated tools to do that.
With Wonderful Post Editor, Strong Admin Panel and Impressive Design and style. You will feel massive!

Get start off to make excellent neighborhood with Buzzy.Now!


  1. PHP &gt= five.five.9
  2. PDO PHP Extension
  3. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. GD PHP Extension
  7. Fileinfo PHP Extension
  8. Zip PHP Extension


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