Beacon Primarily based Digital Meals Ordering Method – Speedy Meals (Mobile)

With the rise in the adoption of mobile devices, there has been a shift in the way prospects want to connect and interact with their favourite restaurants, by working with a new technologies Beacons. Beacons are a little and cheap piece of hardware that transmits a message straight to a smartphone or tablet working with a low-power Bluetooth connection. The message automatically transmits when prospects and their phones come inside a pre-defined variety.

QuickFood App is a greatest remedy for digital meals ordering method in restaurant. Utilizing Speedy Meals App user can conveniently book their orders with out wasting time. The key highlight of this app is that the order management is completed by means of Estimote beacons. Every beacon has a one of a kind id and every single of them is attached to various tables so that the restaurant can conveniently track the orders.

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  • 1.User friendly application
  • two.Login as guest and user
  • three.Digital meals ordering
  • four.user can conveniently location the order
  • five.Order management by means of beacon
  • six.Auto Update of Orders
  • 7.Effortless Access of sales report by means of filter

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