Astute E mail Template (Templates)

Astute e mail template

Coding standard emails is really hard sufficient by itself. Generating them responsive shouldn&#8217t add to the headache. A handful of straightforward, but strong patterns are all that&#8217s necessary to optimize emails for smaller screens.

That&#8217s what Astute is.

It&#8217s just a handful of responsive e mail patterns that go a lengthy way. The code blocks are compartmentalized so that they could be utilised, combined, and nested to develop an e mail.

Every template is annotated and has fantastic help amongst well-known e mail customers.

Astute is a smaller collection layout patterns for HTML e mail. The code is meant to be edited, adapted, and constructed upon.
The code is largely compartmentalized and annotated in an work to clarify what&#8217s taking place so you can add, edit, and get rid of code with some self-confidence.

This has been tested in all &#8220well-known&#8221 e mail customers, but not just about every e mail client out there.

Astute is tested in the most well-known e mail customers and my personal e mail campaigns.

`astute-fluid.html` &#8211 Fantastic for straightforward layouts such as transactional and single column emails.

`astute-responsive.html` &#8211 Fantastic for much more difficult, shape-shifting e mail layouts that operate on some mobile customers.

`astute-hybrid.html` &#8211 This template makes use of a hybrid strategy to reconfigure the layout for unique screen sizes for e mail customers regardless of media query help.