Arcade Hero – Multi Webview HTML5 Gamestore (AdMob &amp Firebase) (Games)

Arcade Hero &#8211 Multi Webview HTML5 Gamestore (AdMob &#038 Firebase)

This app will permit you to build a mini HTML5 gamestore in 1 app. This app consists of a number of webviews that have been optimized for HTML5 games.

On a lot of occasions when you attempt to add an HTML5 game to the assets folder and contact it into a webview, you will get the notification that the game ought to be hosted on a server in order to function. We have developed a function-about technique in this webview template.

We have added optimal monetization with an admob banner displaying beneath the game at all occasions. We have additional added an interstitial when the most important activity (gameslobby) launches + each and every time you back from a different view (e.g. a game) to the gameslobby.

It is doable to use this app to contact a url into a webview rather of obtaining the html5 files hosted in the assets folder.

Please see the demo app right here: