Aparelle Style eCommerce PSD Template (Style)


Thank you for purchasing ​APARELLE – eCommerce PSD  Template.


About the PSD file

The design has been created using Adobe Photosho CS6. All the layers have been grouped and named properly such  that anyone can easily understand it.


The width of the design is 1920 pixels and the design has been  created using Bootstrap3 grid system of 1170 pixels.  The image below shows how the layers are properly organized  in the PSD file.



  • 01_Dwelling
  • 02_Dwelling
  • 03_Dwelling
  • 04_Dwelling
  • 05_Dwelling
  • 06_Solution listing_grid_puzzle
  • 07_Solution listing_grid_3cols_leading_filters
  • 08_Solution listing_grid_3cols_left_fiters
  • 09_Solution_facts_complete_grid_width
  • 10_Solution_facts_complete_grid_width_vertical_gallery
  • 11_Solution_facts_complete_web page_width
  • 12_Solution_variable_complete_grid_width
  • 13_Cart
  • 14_Checkout
  • 15_Login_register
  • 16_Weblog_left_sidebar
  • 17_Weblog_proper_sidebar
  • 18_Weblog_single_left_sidebar
  • 19_My_account_dashboard

Fonts used:

Open Sans

Fertigo Regular

Icons used:

Font Awesome Icons

Significant Note

All the pictures applied in the design and style are stock pictures from Sutterstock.com and have not been incorporated in the PSD file


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