(Android) Vault – Safe File Storage (Utilities)

Vault is a fantastic privacy app for these who are concerned with the level of sensitivity that their files include. With the rise in malware, it is important for customers to take proper measures to maximise the safety on their android devices.

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Complete supply code and documentation is integrated


✔ Encrypt Files making use of AES and a 256 bit crucial
-This is a effective algorithm that is utilised by quite a few firms in the modern day globe.

✔ Securely access your files without having compromising or delivering a threat to your files
-Customers have the capacity to view/watch/listen to their media files inside the app with some of the viewers that is to give. (These are nonetheless ungoing testing but are produced obtainable to the public)

✔ Export (Decrypt) Files
– Have them stored on the device in the original state that they had been in. This can only be accomplished if the right passcode has been entered.

✔ Enter Self-destruct Mode
-If for any cause, the user desires to dispose all of the files inside their vault permanently, they can enter self-destruct mode which will delete all of the files in the vault. This is irreversible.

More Attributes:
✔ Admob Integrated
-Earn cash from in-app adverts

✔ Clean/Basic User interface

This was made in C# making use of Xamarin in Visual Studio, each can be downloaded for free of charge beneath:
Visual Studio: https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/
Xamarin: https://www.xamarin.com/download

The Extended License would have to have to be bought if

  • You want to submit your personal paid version of this app
  • You want to add in-app purchases