Android Animation Package (Android)




Are you excited to know that how you can very easily animate your project in unique animations?

Right here we release the Android Animation Collection for Developer to animate their project in unique unique animations. In this application we give the code of every single animation for developer to very easily animate their project.

Essential functions

Button/View Animation

Distinctive Animations i.e Click to Drop like ball, Bounce Animation for Button or ImageView, Ripple Animation.

Transition Animation

Eye-catching Animation though switching amongst i.e Slide up and Slide Down, Shutter like transition.

Animations operates for ImageView and other Android Views as well.

Effortless to Use Code.

Effortless to involve into your project.

Effortless to Customize.

You can manipulate the code speed and functionality with ease.

Minimum Specifications

  • Android studio 1.five.x
  • Min version for Android- SDK-21 (version five. Lollipop).

App Documentation

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06.09.2017 - ver 1..

   - Initial Release