All About Currency (Android)

All about Currency is an Android application which displays currency prices according to the European Central Bank API that supports 30 diverse currency. This API has additional benefits compared to other APIs that has restricted access. In addition to currency prices, this application can be employed fro currency exchange. An interest price calculator to calculate the quantity of cash deposit in a bank for a particular period of time.

This application is featured by:
1- Sophisticated, stunning and dynamic style
two- A comprehensive banking application exactly where you can monitor currency prices, exchange among currencies and calculate interest.
three- Supports APIs beginning from 14 (Ice cream sandwich) which indicates it targets additional than 97% of mobile devices in google play market place
four- Applying API for foreign currency exchange prices issued by the European Central Bank.
five- Can help other APIs for currency exchange
six- Admob Integration
7- A comprehensive Android studio project

Documentation continue:
– How to transform admob ID, app ID, flag icons, app name, package name, app icon and how to use diverse currency APIs.