AdminDash – Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)

Meet AdminDash: A full and potent admin dashboard template supplying substantial and reusable style for your
internet applications employing the most current Bootstrap four.

This full admin template contains premium dashboard styles, custom components kits, extended Bootstrap
elements, sophisticated layouts, integration samples with 3rd celebration plugins and quite a few use-case examples appropriate for
a selection of projects and niches.

AdminDash operates on the final two versions of every single main browser. Particularly, we test on Chrome, Firefox, Safari on
Mac, Safari on iOS, IE10, IE11, Edge.

Admin Features
Html Kits
Sample Pages

Most current Bootstrap four

Give your project super-powers with a amazing and functional template constructed with the most current and considerably anticipated Bootstrap four &#8211 the most well known and strongly supported front-finish framework.

Completely Responsive

Effectively scales your web-sites and applications from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries. Make sure multi device compatibility and progressive enhancement with a mobile very first method.

Browser Help

AdminDash operates on the final two versions of every single main browser. Particularly, we test on Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac, Safari on iOS, IE10, IE11 and Edge.

Interactive Net Elements

Constructed with Material Design and style Kit &#8211 a set of interactive internet elements inspired from Material Design and style employing vanilla CSS, JavaScript and HTML assists you make layouts with navigation drawers, headers and other sophisticated characteristics.

Many Layouts

AdminDash supplies a number of layout examples such as fluid layout with a visible desktop drawer and a fixed layout variation with centered wrapper and a floating desktop drawer.

Material Design and style Icons

Access more than 900 material design and style technique icons, out there in a selection of sizes and densities, and as a internet font below an open supply license. Beautifully crafted and developed by Google.

Picto Icons $199 worth

You get PictoFoundry&#8217s complete collection of 800+ skilled icons, from 13 well known icon categories, like arrows, clothes, feelings, meals, household, nature, sports, science, purchasing, autos and additional!


Uncomplicated however versatile JavaScript charting for designers and developers, customized to match the theme for gorgeous visual representations of your information. Involves beneficial chart samples &#8211 hourly, day-to-day, weekly or month-to-month.

Navigation Drawer

A navigation drawer slides from the left or suitable and includes the navigation destinations for your app. With sensible characteristics such as automatic RTL detection and complete JavaScript and DOM APIs, it can effortlessly be controlled programatically or just with HTML attributes.

Floating Drawer

A floating navigation drawer spans the height of the screen, with all the things behind it visible but darkened by a scrim location. Fantastic for applications that call for significantly less hierarchy and optimize for screen space, due to the fact it has to be activated in order to be visible. All drawers have constructed-in screen size detection and close on little screens.

Permanent Drawer

A permanent drawer can also span the complete height of the screen but can also be clipped below a leading navigation header, but in each instances it&#8217s constantly visible and pinned subsequent to the content material. The permanent drawer is the suggested default for desktop screens.


A container element for navigation and other content material at the leading of the screen with visual effects primarily based on scroll position such as parallax and blending background colors. Add typical behavior to your leading navigation such as fixed header when scrolling, revealing the header when scrolling up or condensing the header size when scrolling down.


Specialized elements for header and content material places that provides you the capability to make a 3D impact of a background moving at a slower price to the foreground as you scroll down the web page, a trendy internet design and style impact which supplies an additional good and subtle element of depth. In addition, background colour and image blending effects are also out there.


Crucial elements and web page samples for your on the web shop management, with gorgeous sales and on the web guests statistics supplied by the shop dashboard, purchasing cart views, invoice sample, account, checkout and payment types, solution and inventory management.


We all adore the at-a-glance views of essential efficiency indicators relevant to our company and objectives, supplied by dashboards. Properly, let your eyes droll on these dashboard samples and picture these sales and metrics on your project, no matter if it&#8217s an on the web shop, a studying management technique or a sports group.

Web page Examples

AdminDash is packed with examples displaying you how to use several elements, layout configurations and precise niche subjects such as purchasing, studying, neighborhood, user profiles and quite a few additional which provides you a taste of what&#8217s feasible employing this solution.

UI Elements

Dozens of elements for all your requirements, from buttons to dropdowns, alerts, modals, cards, tabs, nestable lists, notifications, icons, progress bars, types, file uploads, loading spinners, tables, charts and additional.

Media Players

Suited for apps associated to music, artists and musicians, AdminDash characteristics a music kit packed with custom media players, music players, video players, playlists, leading song lists and additional, hand-crafted to match the theme.

Constructed-in Workflow

Involves a contemporary improvement workflow primarily based on Webpack which compiles Sass, ES6 JavaScript, handles production builds, watchers, CSS themes and additional. You can also use other tools such as Gulp.

Code Distribution

Substantially of the reusable style and logic is packed into packages effortlessly distributable with very well known code management tools such as npm and git, which signifies you can effortlessly set up these in your projects.