AdFlex – marketing management technique (PHP Scripts)

AdFlex &#8211 marketing management technique.

Promote your merchandise and solutions or hyperlinks to affiliate applications on your personal web pages or on the web pages of your partners!


The installation of the technique is quite uncomplicated. You do not will need to edit the configuration files manually.
All you will need is to enter information from your MySql server. The technique is installed automatically.

If you have any troubles with the installation, I will be delighted to assist you.

Internet sites

Add an limitless quantity of web pages to the technique.
In order to show advertisements on the web-site, you will need to add it to the technique.

Ad units

For each and every web-site you can add an limitless quantity of ad units!
The look of the unit can be configured as you please!
Virtually all the things is configured. The quantity of advertisements in the block, the size of the ad unit, the colour of the background of the block, the colour of the stroke of the block, the size of the image (the image can be entirely disabled).

You can adjust the size, colour, font style. Customize titles, descriptions, hyperlinks.

You can configure the unit to harmonize with the design and style of your web-site. You can make blocks related to adsense blocks.

Just after configuring the block, you just will need to copy the block code to your web-site, to the spot exactly where you want to show this block.

If you do not have an understanding of some thing, I will gladly assist you.

Marketing campaigns

Produce your personal ad campaigns with the appropriate targeting. The technique makes it possible for you to configure quite precise targeting.
Targeting by nations, devices, operating systems, browsers.

You can specify the start out and cease date of the marketing campaign, and when this date is reached, the marketing campaign will start out and cease automatically.

You can specify active hours for the campaign. For instance, you want to show the campaign from 8am to 7pm. And at other instances the campaign will be stopped.

You can specify a single hyperlink for the complete marketing campaign. This hyperlink will be inserted by default into new campaign advertisements.

In the hyperlink, you can use macros. Macros permit you to pass parameters to a third-celebration statistics technique.

You can specify the web pages on which your ad campaign will not be displayed.


In each and every marketing campaign you can add as numerous advertisements as you like. When advertisements are displayed in the block, they will be in rotation.
You will need to add 3 necessary parameters to your ad.
Title, description, and hyperlink.
Also you can add an image &#8211 an optional parameter.


The technique has quite detailed statistics. You can view statistics by day, by web-site, by a separate web-site, by marketing campaigns, by a separate marketing campaign, by an ad unit, by a separate ad.
Statistics show all facts on impressions, clicks, CTR, device kind, operating systems, browsers, nations, ip.

Black list ip

The technique has a international blacklist of ip addresses. You can add a list of ip addresses to it that will not show advertisements.


The technique is written on a quite rapidly php Framework design and style.
The efficiency of the technique depends on the energy of your hosting or server.
If the aggregate attendance of web pages added to the technique exceeds 100,000 web page views per day. It is encouraged that you set up this technique on a devoted server.

The technique was tested on a virtual server with 256Mb RAM, 800 MhZ CPU. This is a low-energy server. The typical price of renting such a server is five$ per month.
The ad unit with five advertisements was tested. The load was five block impressions per second. 25 ad impressions per second, this is extra than two,100,000 ad impressions per day!
If you do not have a quite visited web-site you can safely set up the technique on a typical hosting.

In any case, you can ask for assist from me.

Examples of ad units




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Video tutorial


 * Version 1.1, (bugfix, complete assistance for PHP 7, repair ad units designs)
 * Version 1.