360° Panorama Pictures Widget for Adobe Muse (Muse Widgets)

This widget permits you to show 360° Panorama Pictures on your Adobe Muse websites. You can show 1 panoramic photo or add up to four panoramic photographs into this widget and enable your web page guests to switch in between them. Additionally, the widget is responsive!

360° Panorama Pictures can be simply made with numerous iOS and Android apps or by stitching many photographs shot with expert camera.

Guidelines how to develop 360° Panorama Photo with your smartphone can be located HERE.

Guidelines how to develop 360° Panorama Photo with expert camera can be located HERE.

Widget Guidelines: Download the file and double-click it to set up the widget into Muse. Each and every time you want to use the widget, just drag and drop it from the Library panel in Muse onto your web page. You can refer to the widget Support file for some much more directions.